The lighter side of banking…

Sometimes, when all around is dark, there appears a piece in the press so wildly inappropriate, so out of kilter with everything else that one has to laugh. Or cry. I’m not sure which.

So for your delectation. Or something, here are twenty tips gleaned from bankers and their wives as to how to save money during the current recession, written up by eFinancial Careers.

I do quite like #6 (start ironing), though that’s maybe because i find ironing a relatively relaxing way to de-stress. Not sure i like the observation from one w-…sorry, i mean b-anker: “The wife is doing the ironing.

“She’s not loving it, but she doesn’t want to get a job herself so is having to accept it.”


Fraid #9 (Stop skiing, or ski more cheaply) is not much use – on account of we can’t really afford to ski. Maybe i should buy the boy a second hand skateboard for next xmas, though.

Nor can i do much about #11 (Sell the second home). Cause i haven’t got one. Perhaps i should buy one and then sell it. 🙂

However, prize for idiocy goes to #17 (Put your teenagers to work). We tried. We honestly tried. These bankers obviously possess Stepford teenagers.

Otherwise, the piece is just dripping with an old-fashioned sexism that we all knew, really, had never gone away…but we did think that they might have had the decency to cover it up a little. Doncha just LOVE this little gem?

Putting your spouse to work may not save money, but it will at least bring more money in. The male bankers we spoke to were hesitant about insisting their wives got jobs (“There aren’t any out there,” said one). But wives themselves were more open to the idea.

Go read. April 1 is NEXT week, but maybe no-one told eFinancial that they shouldn’t put their calendars forward until the weekend!


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  1. I’d much rather go to work than do ironing

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