Ding! Dong!

Who says that God – or whoever She is, out there running the universe – doesn’t have One Almighty sense of humour. Or irony. Or something.

For of all the days on which the much lamented/reviled Baroness Thatcher could have departed this earth, what more appropriate than 8 April.

Why so?

Because 8 April just so happens to be the birthday of one Yip Harburg. Who he?

Why, only the guy who wrote the lyrics to The Wizard of Oz, which featured a certain song – Ding! Dong! The witch is dead – now trending in somewhat sideways tribute to la grande dame, deceased on – wowser! – 8 April!

Could any co-incidence be more delicious?

Only, perhaps, the fact that “Yip” was a nickname, derived from the fact that Harburg was a lifelong leftist and supporter of the Young People’s Socialist League, otherwise abbreviated to YPSL and pronounced “Yipsel”.

So, twould seem, the song that will go down in history as marking the end of one of the most right-wing politicians the West has seen in many a decade…was written by a far left lyricist, born on the very day she departed this plane.

And they say there’s absolutely nothing in “intelligent design”! πŸ™‚


(Wish i could claim ultimate credit for the ultimate trouvaille – but i’m just the journalist and wordsmith, my job being to nail down the awkward details after someone has drawn them to my attention. The first mover in all this, was actually Andrea, who in between chemo and steroids cruises the web like some demon researcher!)


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6 Responses to Ding! Dong!

  1. ‘Like’ some demon researcher? Whats with the simile? πŸ™‚

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