Breaking news: the Greek trans community has had enough

After months of harassment and abuse at the hands of the Greek police, members of the Greek transgender community last night decided they had had enough.

Details of what happened are still emerging. However, from contacts with the Greek Transgender Association and pictures supplied, it is clear that at around midnight (UK time), 2 in the morning (Greek time), a massive police operation, intended once more to take a group of transgender women into custody for questioning and identity checks was met with passive resistance, as many of the trans women simply refused to be detained, and retaliated by lying down in the road.

More details to follow.


The images below were captured by a trans woman present during the police raid last night:

Trans demonstrators in Thessaloniki 1

Trans demonstrators in Thessaloniki 2

Trans demonstrators in Thessaloniki 3

Trans demonstrators in Thessaloniki 4


– Since 2012: police abuse of trans women in Thessaloniki has gradually snowballed. Tactics include taking women off the street for identity checks, holding them in custody overnight and carrying out forced HIV checks

June 4/5, Human Rights lawyer, Electra Koutra, going to the aid of one of her clients was first refused admission to a police station – then herself held unlawfully by police officers. She is now suing the police. Human Rights organisations across Europe have called on the Greek authorities not to intimidate or harass her.

– Police have retaliated by suing her for “defamation”.

– The Greek Minister for Justice has issued a statement playing down such incidents and arguing that police actions are necessary to improve the image of Thessaloniki

Edited to amend the times given: cause i’m a tad dizzy on this stuff and didn’t properly convert Greek time to UK. Anyway, the e-mail telling me this was happening “just now” arrived at 23.54 UK time…


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4 Responses to Breaking news: the Greek trans community has had enough

  1. mhairi says:

    This is really dreadful – it seems like there was also a round up on the 12th July as well, the day after the legal notice was served on the police for the roundups at the start of June. Apparently 5 women were taken and paraded around the police station being mocked.

    • janefae says:

      source for this? I am talking to the Greek Trans Support Association and Electra and this wasn’t mentioned…but it was a long convo and we had to end before we’d covered everything.


      • mhairi says:

        Via facebook. See link (in Greek).

        Approximate translation is

        Five trans women were arrested yesterday evening. This was a very audacious move (probably prompted by the legal action started on Thursday), and when they realized that they were all members of SYD Thessaloniki, they paraded from floor to floor.They thought that one of them is the President of SYD and they said among themselves “We have taken and humiliated their president”. By doing this the bullies, they think that they can scare us – but they are wrong. More legal actions will follow and we will update the international community and escalate.

  2. ChrisCQC says:

    Greek Stonewall no shit

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