Kickstarter for film on transphobia

This is just me providing a little bit of extra bandwidth for a film about transphobia. I have no direct experience of the project but outwardly it seems to be on the level and to be worth supporting. make your own minds up.

Message from the film producers:

We are a small team of transgender volunteers working very long hours alongside our normal jobs to produce a short film, and linked campaign. Our aim is to create a greater sense of empathy and understanding towards the trans* community; we want to reduce the number of young trans* individuals who have had to live through abuse and discrimination, as we have.

The film shows the public just what life can be like for a trans* individual, We see the world through her eyes, hear her thoughts and experience both the negative discrimination, but also the positive support and friendship.

We launched a public campaign, both for funds and awareness, 11 days ago, and overall our hard work and lack of sleep has paid off! We hit our funding goal in under 4 days, and have now raised over 250% of our target. We have also received coverage on sites such as pink news and wipe out transphobia, a few LGBT radio stations, and a small number of print publications/newspapers.

There is now 70 hours until our campaign ends, and the film-production begins.

* * * * * * * *

Further details can be found here.

Also there is a blog relating to this project.

And it is now approx 36 hous to go until the fund-raising closes.


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