A slap in the face (of male privilege)

Doncha just love it when guys help out…espesh when that helping out seems mostly to involve solving those problems that we silly simpering girlies just can’t quite manage to get our heads around.

I mean, take make-up.

There’s narcissistic us piling on the warpaint day in, day out. And, yanno: it never EVER occurred that we’d be better off NOT wasting our time and money investing in the clinique anti-wrinkle cream or Mac slap, until clever Mr Reed Baker – doncha just love him – pulled on his writing pants and penned 4 Reasons You Should Stop Wearing Makeup Right Now.

Oh my! My hero!


Instant rebuttal

It was tempting…so, so tempting…to go all-out snark by way of reply. Briefly, i sharpened my quills, preparing to pen 4 Reasons You Should Stop Being a Dick Now. But that would be too easy: a cut-and-paste hatchet job.


1. Because its a facade. Tick.
2. Because its a waste of time. Tick. (I mean, have you ever worked out just how many hours the average bloke WASTES each year just masturbating!)
3. Because social norms are stupid. Tick. (Like no guys have EVER conformed to social norms…)
4. And so on…

But that would be too easy. And it would also miss the much more serious point about how these stupid, senseless social norms that Mr Baker lectures us on are policed and enforced not by make-up wearing women, who mostly are pretty cool as to whether a sister dabs herself senseless, or opts for the naked face look, but by – gasp! – helpful men like Mr B himself.

Driving is not for girlies

I was pleased this morning to read about a case and a challenge now being mounted against the Department of Motor Vehicles in the US.

As the piece notes, over the last year or so, there have been a growing number of instances where the DMV have refused to issue a license to a female-presenting trans person unless they remove their make-up. It is possible that they are merely adopting a more extreme version of Mr Baker’s position, and have decided that make-up rots the brain, making people less safe to drive.

Too late to save the vast majority of women. But dangnabit! (I’ve always wanted to write that). They’ll not see these blasted trannies adding to the tally of unsafe drivers on the road.

Perhaps. Or perhaps it is a lot simpler than that. A mix of transphobia and gender policing. Trans women aren’t WOMEN, after all: and men just aren’t MEANT to wear make-up. I’m sure it mentions that somewhere in Genesis or Eugenesis or one of the other books of the DMV bible.

Gender policing down at the local gender clinic

Meanwhile, back in the UK, our very own DVLA is a little less dark-ages about this sort of thing. The bar on wearing make-up in public while presenting gender ambiguously is mostly not enforced by the state but by its alter ego, the yobocracy, who seem to think that an effeminate person-they-have-judged-to-be-male is an open invitation to lash out with fists and boots.

Or at least, its MOSTLY not enforced by the state. Apart from inside the NHS, where specialists in gender dysphoria, mostly male, white and middle-class – the sort of person Mr Baker seems to aspire to be, if he’s not already, have long dispensed, and sometimes withheld, treatment to trans women according to how far they are prepared to conform to THEIR expectations of womanhood.

Not wearing a skirt? Well, you’re obviously not trying hard enough and yes: in this instance, the granting of treatment has been known to be determined by how conventionally femme your wardrobe happens to be.

Just imagine, cis sisters, presenting for your HRT update…and being told the GP would not prescribe until you came back in something more conventionally feminine. Whatever that is.

I mean, obviously no probs for me. I just bought the entire American Apparel back catalogue and flash my knickers PROVOCATIVELY any time i need a hormone boost.

But still, its there. A policing. An enforcement. A privilege that is wielded seemingly without a moment’s introspection by blokes who do not dress well or look an oil painting themselves.

But they. like Mr B, sure know what a woman ought to look like.



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