Not putting clocks back

I know, i know. This is the weekend when the entire UK population indulges itself in that orgy of crepuscular masochism, otherwise known as Greenwich Mean Time.

Or at least, when most of the population do so. Because i, for one won’t be. Back-turning my clock, that is!

Of course, there are arguments around how this is good for children going to school in the morning. And even more, of course, “think of the Scots!”.

But this has always struck me as exceedingly special (and misplaced) pleading.

However you cut it, there are the same hours in the day. What stats there are, from historic exercises carried out to test the water on Daylight Saving, suggest that the time when darkness is more likely to cause casualties is in the evening.

Why so? Well, its obvious, really. In the morning, unless you’ve been working a nightshift, it may be dark…but you are also more awake, more alert than you are after a day at work.

Many people – myself included – tend to experience an energy dip in late afternoon: some find themselves craving a nap at that time of day.

It ought not, therefore, to surprise that one of the peak times for road accidents, other things being equal, is the evening of the Monday/Tuesday immediately after clocks go back. Stands to reason, really: people haven’t adjusted yet; and there they are trying to get home in rush hour competing with all the other people who haven’t adjusted.

Not going back

So i’m not putting my clocks back this year. Like i didn’t put them back last.

Its not that hard. After all, apart from remembering to re-adjust pc’s and other automated gadgets that insist its now an hour earlier than it really is, you have less work to do adjusting clocks manually.

As someone who goes to bed a little later than i should, the fact that MY 3am is now your 2am means i go to bed at a marginally more sensible hour…and am also up and raring to go an hour earlier than the rest of you idle stayabeds.

As for dealing with the rest of the UK, its really not that different from working in Europe. I just have to remember that the UK time zone is an hour before me…so i can still just sneak in a work call at 6.30pm (though i have to put off start of day calls to 10am.

C’mon! Join me!

You know it makes sense: that this is one issue where the Scots haven’t got it right.



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