Policing the internet: a dishonest and vacuous policy

Earlier this week, putting the finishing touches to my book on regulating the internet, i toyed with a paragraph about how vacuous, uninformed, and basically stupid was average parliamentary response to internet issues. I was worried – i can’t think why! – that i might just have been over-stating my case.

I was even tempted, today, to write a blog, or an article about the latent hypocrisy at the root of Cameron’s playing to the crowd on this issue: how the jumping off point for almost all policy on the internet was a demand that someone (obviously not government) DO something about the problem.

This is usually accompanied by a dash of guilt/blame: as in, don’t these internet companies CARE about the consequences? And if we’re lucky an utterly irrelevant remark to the effect that we managed to do it for child abuse material, so it should not be too difficult for {porn/terror/insert bogeyman of the day here}.

If i had a pound for every time some politician makes a crass comment comparing current difficulties to the task carried out by the Internet Watch Foundation, which is mostly quite a good thing, i’d have quite a lot of pounds, indeed.

And then i thought: sod it! Most sensible people get it.

So here’s a picture instead that hopefully explains government policy in a single image.

The Cameron approach to internet issues

The Cameron approach to internet issues

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