UKIP identity crisis

After UKIP started to receive bad publicity from racist and homophobic comments posted from what looked like official UKIP accounts on Twitter, party deputy leader Suzanne Evans took to Facebook to condemn these as spoof, and to accuse those who believed in them as “stupid”.

However, UKIP’s press office, asked to confirm that the condemnation of the spoof accounts was genuine, refused to do so.

UKIP appears to be undergoing an identity crisis, as illustrated by the following conversation which might or might not have been obtained by bugging Nigel Farage’s mobile phone earlier today:

– Hello.

– Hello.

– Who is this?

– Who are you?

– I asked first.

– You phoned me.

– I know that. But, security…you can’t be too careful.

– OK…

– So who is this?

– Who do you think you are ringing?

– Suzanne Evans, Deputy Chairman of UKIP

– Correct. Now who are you?

– It’s Nigel, your leader!

– That’s easy for you to say. How do i know it’s really you?

– Look, you stupid bint…I gave you a job because you’re a nice friendly face for the female voters…but I can change that, you know? Give me a bloke who knows what he’s doing any day…

– Nigel! How lovely to hear from you. What can i do for you?

– Well, you can start by telling me who you are…

It is believed this call continued in similar vein for some minutes, before Farage’s train entered a very long dark tunnel.

For further background to Farage on women, this piece by Channel 4 presenter, Cathy Newman is interesting.


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