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As someone with a slightly idiosyncratic take on the modern world, I don’t always succeed in joining up to the mainstream news agenda. Things i regard as interesting, amusing, important do not always fit elsewhere.

Sometimes, perhaps, we are talking timing. Sometimes the luck of the drawer: if i’d pitched the piece on a different day, to a different editor, the result might have been different.

Whatever. This leaves me with stories i’d sometimes like to get out there – and i don’t.

Henceforth, therefore, when i do find myself with a story that is unpublished, but i still like, i’ll put it up here. Perhaps you’ll agree that it should not have been published – or maybe you’ll wonder why.

And, if you have stories that fit the basic tenets of journalism, in the sense of being fact-based, non-libellous and not dependent on conversations with little green men or the spirit world, drop me a line and maybe i’ll find time and space to publish them, too.

Oh. And the important bit. Elsewhere i do point out that material published on this site is mine and not to be republished for commercial gain without at least a conversation with me about a fee for that.

This goes double for material under Filed not Published. Its material i have spent time and effort working on – and if you suddenly think its OK to make some money for YOUR news organisation after maybe turning it down the first time, please think again.

However, if you are a bona fide not for profit blogger, feel free to make use of – but ATTRIBUTE. I wrote this, not you. Remember that. 🙂

Stories Filed not Published

ITV wake to a smutty Hangover

Note: the version published on this site may have been slightly re-written to take account of developments since filing – and the differences implicit in blogging.

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