Film Reviews

As some of you will know already, i am a massive fan of film.  I review occasionally for online magazine, EyeForFilm, sometimes for my own pleasure, and most recently i have taken on the challenge of providing reviews for the Broadway Cinema in Letchworth.

So it rather looks as though the reviewing output will be increasing over the next few months.  Below, i shall slowly try to bring together  the various reviews i have written over the last couple of years.


Most recent

Mr Holmes (Broadway, Letchworth)


Mr Holmes (Broadway, Letchworth)
Jurassic World (Broadway, Letchworth / EyeForFilm)
Spy (Broadway, Letchworth)
San Andreas (Broadway, Letchworth)
Tomorrowland (Broadway, Letchworth)
50 Shades of Grey (EyeForFilm)
The Man who saved the world (EyeForFilm)
John Wick (EyeForFilm)


La Bohème: an opera virgin’s guide (Broadway, Letchworth)
50 Shades of Grey (EyeforFilm)


Letchworth Broadway have been good enough to take me on in the role of occasional film reviewer. All views expressed are my own, and neither money, nor popcorn has changed hands!

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