Film review: Minions

Minions poster
Minions, which ought properly to be sub-titled “Any colour so long as its yellow” is a zany, impossible, ever-so-slightly patchy comic tale of dastardly villains, daring deeds – and bananas. Located in 1968, alongside a mostly contemporary 60’s soundtrack, this is good-natured prequel, providing back story to how our little lemon-tinted heroes came to work for Gru, arch-villain of the Despicable Me franchise. Continue reading

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Film review: Mr Holmes


Don’t get me wrong: i like my entertainment light, trivial and frothy. Which is why i so enjoy cinema.

Whether it is Schwarzenneger with the fantastical notion that through science and technology, it is possible to re-create a being who looks exactly the same as when he first appeared on our screens 30 years ago. Or Channing Tatum, likewise attempting to breathe fresh life into a part first seen on-screen in 2012, in Magic Mike 2. Or just the sheer giggle-a-minute comedy of Minions, i love them all. Continue reading

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Film review: Jurassic World


Incredible! Unbelievable! No, not the technical gee-whizzery that sits behind the latest in the seemingly neverending saga of dinosaurs reborn. Because for all i know, somewhere in the world, at this very moment, a bunch of bio-geniuses are working on just such a project.

No: what is truly beyond belief is the basic premise that the motley assortment of hunters, adventurers, and mad scientists assembled at the start of Jurassic World could possibly think it a good idea to start making dinosaurs again

Or that any insurance company anywhere might be prepared to back such a venture. Continue reading

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La Bohème: an opera virgin’s guide

It is said one always remembers the first time: and last night was very much a first for me. My first opera, that is: La Bohème (“The Bohemian”), by Puccini, beamed live to the Broadway Letchworth from the Royal Opera House, London. Ah, the magic of digital streaming!

This is therefore not the usual review. I do not know opera. OK: a few of the more popular “tunes”, from William Tell to Nessun dorma. But i scarcely know my Tosca from my Ring Cycle and so this review is dedicated neither to the operaphiles, for whom last night was undoubtedly their umpteenth visit, nor the phobes, who would never, ever, ever. Continue reading

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Film Review: Spy



I was looking forward to Spy with the sort of trepidation that every mum must feel when their favourite daughter leaves home for the first time. Because, with two of my favourite women – Melissa McCarthy and Miranda Hart – taking lead roles, not to mention additional interest provided by my second scrummiest beefcake, Jason Statham, I had such high hopes of it I felt sure I would be disappointed.

But I wasn’t.

Quite the opposite, in fact. Because as far as I was concerned, it was one of the most positive, good-natured, funny films I have seen this past twelve months. Continue reading

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Film Review: San Andreas

san andreas

San Andreas is a “disaster movie”. Not one of those new-fangled, armageddon-style take downs in which the entire world perishes in fire, or ice, or at the claws of unexpected aliens, but a disaster movie in the good old Towering Inferno style, focused on a plot gizmo that MIGHT just happen.

Continue reading

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Film review: Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland Tomorrow is not what it used to be. With that sentiment, and a seriously grumpy George Clooney, Tomorrowland is out the starting gate and off on a roller coaster of a ride from past to potential future and back again. Along the way, evil robots are defeated, the Eiffel Tower turns out to be a rocket in disguise, and the end of the world is averted. For now.

Continue reading

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