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Whose life?

So it was, indeed, Leelah’s parents who asked Tumblr to take down her blog. Not just the suicide note which, in accordance with their own T’s & C’s, Tumblr might have been expected to. But EVERYTHING. Leelah’s random jottings. Her … Continue reading

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Working together: the Trans Dunkirk spirit

There are times i despair of the trans “community”. Next to working with “teh tranz”, herding cats would be calm and orderly: a neatly regimented thing. Yet, too, i am constantly surprised, over-awed even by how the community rises, when … Continue reading

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Remembering Leelah

Twas ever, i fear, going to end thus. The most likely sorry outcome from the Leelah Alcorn saga is that, her wishes ignored in life, she is now about to be erased by her family a second time, in death. … Continue reading

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