This is the blog that comes after, picking up, a little, from the last one. Also, a break. Because although there is continuity, there is also a before and an after and it has taken me a while to get here.

I am, if you haven’t met me before, a woman “of trans history”. That is both my present, and a past – even if, in reality, the past is never quite over and done with. To the outside world, it may seem as though i have arrived: that i am now done with transition.

If you know me better, you’ll know, in my heart of hearts, i don’t believe that. All is flux, nothing constant: and change and learning is a life-long process.

Beyond, perhaps: fice minutes after i breathe my last, if you listen very carefully, you’ll hear me mutter: “so THAT’s where we go to…”.

Or not.

As for the rest, you’ll need to catch up as you go. I’m a journalist, writer and performer of poetry. If the latter just happens to have a slightly erotic edge to it, that is wholly intended.

I write about the law, IT, policing and, somewhere in the mix, sex and sexuality too. The perspective is feminist.

You’ll find me doing all of the above in places such as the Guardian, Independent and New Statesman – as well as the lgbt press in the UK and internationally.

I also research as mean report for businesses, ghost books – and train the unwary on how to deal with the media.

I am Jane Fae: this is my blog.


1 Response to About

  1. Michaela says:

    Dear Jane
    I was just listening to you on BBC 24. Many, many thanks for your comments on transgender – expressed in a way that is open and calm and connects me with the issue so that I can understand it more deeply, although I have no direct experience of it.
    Best wishes

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