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Basic fact-checking

In her address to the Westminster eForum on Child Online Protection yesterday, Claire Perry, MP, is reported as stating that her her website had never been blocked. This, i fear, is not quite correct. According to PCPro, Ms Perry told … Continue reading

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“Fanciful” and “lacking transparency”: the government’s filtering tsarina answers back

Oh dear. Perhaps as well that other circumstances meant i had to skip yesterday’s Westminster eForum event on protecting children online. For i am not sure i could have contained myself, listening to to Government child safety adviser, Claire Perry, … Continue reading

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Thoughtless funnies

Its that week again – you know: the week when you rush round collecting receipts and filing your online tax return before handing over several thousand pounds to your fave government department. Which is why i was working late (2am). … Continue reading

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No point: no dialogue

If you’re reading this, Caleb Hannan, when did you last beat your partner? What do you mean, no answer? (as i suspect might be the response, since so far, that has been the man’s response to pretty much every legitimate … Continue reading

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The man with no name: a story about online filtering

The story that follows is, I am reliably informed, a reasonably accurate chronicle of events due to take place in at least one of an infinity of possible future universes. We are privileged to have this advance warning courtesy of … Continue reading

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My grandma was a war criminal

I know. I know. This may put an end, once and for all, to my promising career as an echt feminist, lefty and all-purpose professional nuisance. But like Georgina Walsingham of old, confronted with accusations of shooting her father’s favourite … Continue reading

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Lies, damned lies, and absence of evidence

I said i’d stay away from forensic analysis of the Grantland story and, as far as the ethical analysis goes, i’ve pretty much done that. But there’s another angle that maybe is not being adequately picked up: since its behind … Continue reading

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Strange story? No: just a writer who hasn’t grown up yet

If you’re looking for yet another forensic deconstruction of Grantland, my apologies: you’re not getting one. Nor even the leastest of golf linkies: because as far as i’m concerned that particularly essay is clickbait. If you are remotely interested in … Continue reading

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Notes on parliamentary meeting on online filtering

As advertised yesterday, a meeting to consider some of the pitfalls of online blocking and filtering took place last night in the Commons.

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News feed: Minorities meet to consider online filtering and blocking

As concern grows that filtering and blocking by internet service providers and mobile companies may be disproportionately targeting minority groups, organisations affected will be meeting with MP’s in parliament today to assess the scale of the problem and look at … Continue reading

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