Just how nasty are Britain First?

If you ever believed the bilge that Britain First, vaguely related to the BNP as was, are all about puppies and poppies – and no doubt sugar and spice and all things nice – then news from the Rochester by-election this morning should disabuse you of that.

For when push comes to shove, Britain First is like every thuggish right-wing organisation out there, puffed up with its sense of entitlement – and more than prepared to respond with calculated viciousness to anyone who does not see things quite the way they do.

To threaten, as they have this morning, to “send the boys round” to anyone who dares to see the world from any perspective other than their peculiarly blinkered one.

Racism refused…

If you read Britain First’s Twitter feed – as one of my friendly informants does – you may have noticed a squawk of outrage from Britain First earlier this morning as they learnt that the Royal Mail had refused to deliver an election leaflet on behalf of their candidate, Jayda Fransen, in the Rochester bye-election.


One can perhaps guess why. Under a heading “Say no to the mega mosque”, Fransen explains how she wishes Medway to “remain English”.

Fair enough: i get that that may be her view. But equally, i can think of no world in which delivering that message to the 75,000 electors of the Rochester and Strood parliamentary constituency does not constitute racism, and incitement to race hate, pure and simple.

And that issue has reared its head before: the Royal Mail is under no obligation to deliver racist content during an election. As their guidelines on candidate mail state, they will refuse material that breaches the Public Order Act 1986, if it contains material that “having regard to all the circumstances racial hatred is likely to be stirred up thereby”.

Although, having said that, Britain First seem to think that the matter is “nothing to do with imprints etc but political reasons” – which maybe suggests that the reason given by the Royal Mail for rejecting this leaflet is because it fails to conform to some other fairly strict aspect of the election guidelines.

…threats issued

Britain First have reacted in typical thuggish fashion, tweeting out the name of the official who write to them – most likely some middle manager whose only crime is that he is attempting to put into effect the same guidelines as he has administered in much the same way for several years – and branding him a “communist”.

How retro!

But this is no laughing matter. For on their own website, they state:

“Below is the leftwing Royal Mail idiot responsible for this outrageous decision.

“Our intelligence team are tracking him down as you read this so we can hold a demonstration outside his house”


Let’s skip the obligatory comment about how Britain First and intelligence are a contradiction in terms.

That is nasty. Having recently been on the receiving end of threats far milder in tone and wording than that, i know how alarming it is to learn that some random group of bigots has you in their sights.

To know also that they are actively seeking out your address, and then planning to turn up on your doorstep to make their views known…peacefully, “of course”… must be downright terrifying.

Cue (expensive) police involvement, Cue large bill to keep this public servant safe. Cue disruption to friends and family…maybe even threats to children…and, as i suggested at the outset, anyone who still believes in any way that Britain First are really all about puppies and poppies needs to take an extreme reality check.

Because the reality is: they are extreme. And nasty. Period.


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  1. hopefully he doesn’t live in the Rochester and Strood contituency as each candidate is entitled to a free copy of the electoral register for the constituency they stand in. Are they also really a party, given this response, who should have been given the names and addresses of all those people with funny foreign sounding names who may be in favour of a mega mosque?

    • Anon says:

      The electoral register is listed in street order not by name of elector, so unless she had a rough idea of where he lived she would be searching quite some time.

      • janefae says:

        Teehee! Wonder if Britain First have heard of computers? Or are aware of the fact that you can obtain copies of the electoral register in computer-readable form.

        Judging by this post, presumably not.


  2. G ten Brink says:

    These leftards are afraid of some cow from BF? Makes me wonder why.. Disgusting place UK has become. Scary and disgusting. Fuck it.. Italy next holiday. go fuck yourself UK.

    • Paula Thomas says:

      OK glad we won’t be seeing you! Although I’d be careful about Italy, Remember what they did to that Mussolini fellow…

  3. G ten Brink’s post rather confirms the point of the OP. Britain First shout like eejuts about people in Government not doing their joib, and when they do their job, they whinge and shout again. That one of them didn’t have the intelligence to put the correct election agents name after “Election Agent” would appear to be the first mistake. Everything is not the fault of the lefties and the Government; Britain First, you have to take responsibility for what you do, just as adults, never mind as a Political party.

    • janefae says:

      Oh, they didn’t?

      What twonks…

      I worked for a couple of years as an election agent in the 1980’s and while i suspect much of the law has moved on since then, i was made 100% aware of the importance of getting the imprint right, and was drilled with tales of thousands of election leaflets having to be pulped if the imprint was wrong.

      Not aware that bit of election law has changed, and if that is what they got wrong, then they should be celebrating the fact that the RM is actually upholding legal tradition.

      Why is the imprint important? Because from the moment an election is declared, the local constituency party is no more and ALL responsibility for what goes out lies with the candidate and their agent. There have, over the years, been several celebrated cases where candidates have made mistakes and been fined tens of thousands of pounds.

      Given that legal reality, failure to publish the correct agent details is really quite a major thing.

      It is intended, inter alia, to stop people putting out spoof leaflets, published by other organisations and pretending to come from the candidates actually standing.

      Otherwise, there would be nothing to stop someone imitating a Britain First leaflet, purporting to come from the blessed Jayda, and explaining to electors that she is a racist and a bigot and that is why peeps should vote for her.


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  5. robert ross says:

    Will you please explain coherently why you think the leaflet is an incitement to race hatred. Which race are we talking about? To claim that Rochester should remain “English” is no more than saying ‘This is England. I am British. I object to the face of Britain being changed by alien religions and cultures. We can accept multiculturism provided there is real integration. In the case of the Moslem community there is none. Indeed, whole areas in our country are being turned into ‘no go’ areas. An alien legal system is being operated in some places violating the sovereignty of the Queen in Parliament. Islamic ‘cultural centres’ are being used in some places to promote Jihad. The people of Rochester are against this ‘mega mosque’ and we support them.” Or to put it another way “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance”. How does any of that offend the Race Relations Act?

    • janefae says:

      I think you provide your own answer. To campaign in terms of a desire to maintain one particular racial culture at the expense of another is, by definition, racist. You may wish to argue that it is “justified racism”…but its very hard to see how it is NOT racism.

      That said, there is no clarity as to why the Britain First leaflet was refused by the Royal Mail. It may well be that it is as simple as their failure to get their imprint right, which, as i point out in another exchange on here, is a big no-no when it comes to electoral material.

      And my qualification for saying that is: many years back i was employed – and trained – as an election agent by one of the then main three political parties.

      • robert ross says:

        Sorry, you haven’t answered the question. Being a Moslem is NOT a race. What is the “expense” which you say is the detriment? No-one is saying ‘you cant be a Moslem’. No-one is saying ‘you cant worship freely’. No-one is saying ‘I wont serve a Moslem’. What is being said is that there is no need for a mega mosque in Rochester; the people don’t want it, and I am here to represent those views. Please tell me how that is ‘racism’. And then address the other points re ‘no-go’ areas, sharia and the rest – which justify for the people of Rochester why they take the view they do.

      • janefae says:

        I have answered the question and i think that is enough of that debate. You appear unable to distinguish between the act of racism and your justification for that racism, which is separate.

        I have no interest in feeding your own bigotry on this issue: though others may take issue if they wish.

    • The vast majority of the letters received by Medway council objecting to the mosque were on grounds of there not being enough parking in the area.

  6. Tim says:

    So we want immigrants living off benefits funded by UK tax payers ? We want other cultures campaigning for the tradition of Xmas and Easter to be removed from our children’s schools ? Do we want mega mosques built on our doorstep in the same way we would want a football stadium ? It’s acceptable and we tolerate the influx of Roma gypsies into Hexthorpe taking over the town and reducing the house prices of the indigenous population ? Do you live there and would you choose to live there on this basis ? Maybe we relocate them to where you live with our liberal anything goes, welcome all views ? We are happy to support the move for Shariah law to come to UK ? We are happy to tolerate the constant positive discrimination often in favour of the minority exhibited on a grand scale in our Country ? Do I go abroad and impose my religion, culture and values on other countries ? We get challenged for flying our own flag now – what other country challenges it’s citizens for flying it’s National flag ? You are a fan of the Muslim grooming gangs in Rotherham ? You are happy that segments of our community that you support agree to marriage U-16 ? You are happy with the rantings of the hate preachers and the support for the beheading of kidnapped English citizens ? You support British soldiers murdered on our streets under the name of region ? You are happy for outside cultures & religions to influence the traditions, values, beliefs and culture of our country ?

    What bubble do you live in ? I suggest you take your head out the sand and see the reality of the changes going on before us. It must be wonderful to live in such an idealist world detached from the reality and supporting the erosion of our countries traditions. Don’t confuse patriotism for racism. Are you actually proud to be British ? Your pius , sanctimonious ramblings do you no favours sadly. If your attack of Britain First is accurate then please explain why they have more social media likes that all the other political parties ? With social media the fastest growing industry in the world had you ever stopped to think why ? And that there maybe some strength of feeling on the above issues in our country. What solutions on the above issuesI raise would you suggest as you clearly write like you have all the answers. The major 3 parties that you reference are taking no action on the above issue. In fact their passive no action is what is causing the depth of feeling nationally. Solutions not rantings would provide your commentary with far more credibility.

    • pollikcon says:

      To be honest, I stopped reading at your opening sentence.

      Try Googling “the immigration myth uk”. It is good to have a broad view of what is actually going on rather than taking, say, the Daily Mail or BF as your only sources of information. There are plenty of links, but the broad message is that your opening sentence is wrong in the assumption behind the words. Immigrants as a whole are net contributors to the UK.

      I will give you one link for free, but feel free to choose another one from your Google search. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2013/09/02/jonathan-portes-immigration_n_3856191.html

      Am I proud to be British? Not at the moment, no. At the risk of provoking a Godwin, what I am seeing is a lurch to the intolerant right reminiscent of pre-war Germany.

      And frankly, that terrifies me.

      “You are happy with the rantings of the hate preachers”

      No, I am not. It doesn’t matter to me whether the preachers are of Islam or right wing extremist politics, like Britain First with their intimidatory tactics and manipulative FB tactics, if the language is that of hate, I am not happy with it.

      I could go on, but I find very little common ground with anything you say. But, if you have your way, presumably we will have to repatriate the 4.7 million Brits living abroad (Home Office figures). That would be interesting.

    • UnicycleBloke says:

      You need to read less propaganda. One of the reasons I like about being British is that we seem rather less excitable than a lot of others. In this regard, you are really letting the side down, and behaving in a very un-British way in my opinion.

      We don’t have religious nutters or right wing ideologues controlling the show as in America, Israel and Iran, for example. We don’t really tolerate fascism much, unlike some others countries have in the past, and we mostly see people like Paul “Poppy Thief” Golding and Jayda “Shouts At Muslims” Rants-on as less pleasant than a turd you might have stepped in, or just laughable (but not as funny as Roderick Spode). We have been a country of immigrants since end of the Ice Age, most importantly the Angles and Saxons from Northern Europe (I doubt you know that the word ‘English’ derives from ‘Angle’). Immigrants have been coming here for all the centuries since than, have contributed greatly, and form a large part of what it means to be British.

      Of course, larger movements of people can result in some social and economic changes which may resolve themselves in time, or may need to be addressed directly. But your brand of hate is no solution to anything. It simply highlights your ignorance and stupidity. People like you make me want to invest in concrete boots and one-way boat trips, but I fear these would be against the law.

    • Gosh what a lot of questions. I suspect a lot of my answers would be the opposite from yours…like yes…I’d rather live near a mosque than a football stadium. Especially the Mosque being built in Gillingham and it has had noise restrictions placed on it as part of the planning application. Though I do like the sound of adhan… much as I enjoy the sound of church bells a hundred yards from my home that chime throughout the night.

      I’d also rather all religion were taken out of schools…but that’s becuase I’m honest and say I’m agnostic rather than claim to be a Christian just becuase it’s the religious default position in the UK.

      And no, I don’t want to live in Hexthorpe but thats becuase its a suburb of a grim Northern town with nothing much going for it. Thats why I’ve chosen to live places I enjoy living in rather than sitting in my own grim Northern town whinging about how grim it is. I magine how much effort it took those Roma to go and live there to find a better life…. maybe if the indiginous population put in the same effort they’d end up living somewhere they though worth living too.

      The most hilarious of your questions is “Do I go abroad and impose my religion, culture and values on other countries ?” Isn’t that what the British did when we coloured the world map in pink? Didn’t we move in, force the locals to become Christians, kill them if they didn’t. Didn’t we impose British culture wherever we (as a nation) went? Aren’t we still trying to force our ideas of how politics should work on other countries by bombing them until they become ‘democratic’ just like us? Aren’t we still a race who go on holiday and find the ‘British bar’ that sells ‘British beer’ and ‘British food’… we expect that or we don’t take our money there…and to make sure we bring British teabags and sausages in our suitcases.
      (I’m still using ‘us’ and ‘we’ but by this point I’ve left MY idea of being British way behind. I go abroad TO experience foreign culture and food and ideas…. and quite enjoy when those cultures are brought here so I don’t have to travel so far).

      The paragraph above… the lobster red Brit with his union jack T shirt, the missionary making the ‘poor’ natives wear shoes and swear allegence to a Queen and Country a million miles away or the soldier who belives he can bomb a different way of thinking into a country are all the reasons I claim I’m more ashamed than proud to be British.

      But I’m proud of being part of a historic multi-cultural, mish mash people. I’m proud that we have customs, words and place names we can trace the evolution of our country from…Saxon, Roman, Norman, Viking, Jewish, Afro- Carribean, and so on…. its a richness that sits with living with an amazingly diverse place geographically, where you can have half a dozen different sorts of weather in a day. I’m proud the British are defined by their sense of humour and eccentricity, I love our language, I love that I can trace my family tree back from Yorkshire and Lancashire, to Ireland and Spain and eventually to Scandinavia.

      We are what we are as a nation…we are what we are NOW so if you hate that so much…how do you still claim to be proud to be British? Aren’t you just harking back to some golden age of Britishness where cockneys were chirpy, Northerners clog danced in the streets and we all had homemade bread and honey at four o clock for tea?

      Fly the flag on every house, let every school do a christmas play every year, send the Roma home, dig for victory, away the lads, George Formby, Gracie Fields…. you still wouldn’t be happy. You’d find something else to grumble about.

      Personally I hate leylandii, dogshit in the streets, drunks, people who smell of cigarettes, middle lane hoggers, littering…. but I’m not stupid enough to think that they are the problems brought about by a single group…like Muslims…or Jews….or Blacks…or Irish and therefore they are not solved by getting rid of any one single group.

      I don’t confuse patriotism and racism….but I think you may.

  7. Dianne Fitz-Patrick says:

    Reading most of these posts, I get the impression that very few of you have actually seen the leaflet. With no words at all, it is racist and reminds one of the anti-Semitic propaganda posters displayed by the Nazis in the 1930s. An image of a Muslim woman in a hijab with red upturned eyes is culled from the Tory posters featuring Tony Blair some years ago. But in a veiled woman the image is of menace; there is no suggestion of humour.

    In the on-line postings, the Royal Mail manager has been named together with his telephone number. Britain First supporters are invited to harass him.
    Regardless of the rights and wrongs of building a mosque in Rochester, and the much vaunted impingement of rights to free expression, this type of trolling warrants a gaol sentence.

    I have probably expressed myself badly, but if this is ‘Englishness’, I want nothing to do with it.

  8. Tim says:

    Ha,ha – I think you maybe suffering from “Stockholm Syndrone” . A concept for those that suffer from a psychological phenomena where hostages express empathy & sympathy for their captors.

    Interesting to see those that you support & defend show-up in Rochester today as a ragtag group of scruffy looney left with a mixture of “flower power” hippies, aggressive communist hooligans wearing masks and Muslim bigots. Why on earth would you choose to cover your face unless you were ashamed of your actions or simply a coward ? Ironic thing is several were arrested demonstrating violent, aggressive and criminal actions which you clearly jump to defend. How many Britsin First were arrested ? Zero. I rest my case – says it all really.

    I genuinely feel that you may have lost an understanding for the concept of democracy and freedom of speech in our country.

    You still haven’t answered why Britain First has more “likes” on social media that the mainstream parties. I’d be fascinated for you to justify & rationalise that one in your usual holyer than thou dismissive style. Maybe it’s because social media is the prime medium of modern communication which is growing exponentially and the 3 mainstream parties are behind the times, past their sell by date and out of touch with modern thinking ? Just a thought.

  9. robert ross says:

    “Feeding your bigotry”, as you say of me, Ms Fae, simply means “not agreeing with you”. You are fudging and incredibly condescending. Sorry. You have NOT answered the question. How is opposition to a mosque ‘racism” and what race are we talking about?

  10. Tim says:

    Your distinction between understanding the difference between racism and patriotism is ill founded. Let me put things into wider perspective for you.

    You support and advocate multiculturalism in our country so let’s explore your ideology. Our country is historically a dominant Caucasian majority with Judeo-Christian values and a large middle class. Since the sixties the Caucasian population has fallen year on year many due to the liberal immigration policies allowing mass migration on a grand scales (circa 300,000 pa). Our country has shifted from a dominant culture to a multicultural society that you support. Effectively going from a Nation to an Empire.

    Let’s explore the concept further. Empires consist of different religions, languages, races and Nationalities. One of these groups, an minority in itself, dominates by naked power. Nations on the other hand are dominated by one group making-up a majority of it’s population. Nations are inherently stable whereas Empires are inherently unstable. Multicultural Empires never achieve true internal stability.

    To understand the future, study the past throughout world history, all multicultural Empires are broken-up eventually. In the 60’s multiculturalism was seen as the antidote to racism. It has provided a loss of common identity and a rise in segregation. In effect we have become a community of communities. Mass migration leads to segregation. A lack of shared values and unity within a Nation. It does raise the old adage “just because you are born in a stable doesn’t make you a horse !”.

    Current tensions justify the unintended consequence of multiculturalism in our society. As we struggle for race equality a struggle for a second society emerges. Are we universally suggesting Shariah law is applied to our streets ? Or stoning for adultery ? Limbs amputated for theft ? I could go on but you get the picture.

    To answer the question I have raised previously that you have failed to answer “why do Britain First receive more likes on social media than any other political party?” It is because the sense of alarm & resentment over housing, services, loss of identity brought about by mass migration is increasing.

    In conclusion the childish and short sighted commentary around being British (George Fornby, clog dancing etc) shows a total lack of foresight, vision & understanding of the bigger picture. Your arguments are hardly preciant. So racism ? Or a better understanding for demographic & social trends that may exist than yourself ?

  11. robert ross says:

    Commorientes suggests, with a wave of the hand, reading the Public Order Act. You mean presumably “as amended”. Very well. So? You would have to show that the act was intended to stir up religious hatred and then explore how opposition to a mosque falls into that category. You would then have to explain why Britain Frist members remain on the streets and how Jayda Franson is able to stand as a parliamentary candidate. You would then have to show precisely how a depiction of a woman in a burka was intended to promote religious hatred. I thought burkas were a fact of life and do, indeed, speak for themselves as clothing which many have reasonable concerns about. Forgive me Commorientes, you are simply name dropping. But then you doubtless have a Law Degree and a Degree in Maths and are really a resurrected Denning.

    • janefae says:

      Oh, dear…so laughing at this…but then, you seem to be a tad outclassed on this.

      Because comorientes does have a law degree…and rather more besides. But i’ll leave her to own up to that should she so wish.

      Dear, oh dear. 🙂

  12. Tim says:

    The pius, sanctimonious, holier than thou tone that you scribe comments like “dear, oh dear” typifies a complete loss of reality. If racisicm is opposition to grooming gangs, genital mutilation, hate preachers, child marriages, extremism, terrorism, beheadings , stonings, segregation, hatred and intolerance then I guess we must be guilty as charged. However your fundamental misconception is typical thinking of the looney left. Even “The Who” frontman Roger Daltrey said “I will never forgive Labour for their immigration policies”. More people came to Britain in 2013 than from 1066 to 1960 let that statistic sink in and reflect on it.

    You don’t see the baptist church preaching hate or the Jehovah’s witness kicking off in the streets and enforcing their law or bandying banners like “kill those that oppose Islam”, “UK go to Hell”. Yet we tolerate sympathy for Islamic marches that oppose lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual populations – that’s true discrimination & extremism but you don’t see the anti fascists blocking their matches. Hypocrites !

    It’s called Ostrich syndrome. Those such as yourself that live in some pink and fluffy cocoon devoid of The reality on the streets in our country are the real danger to our children’s future. That we tolerate and embrace this behaviour and support Shariah law enforced on the streets of some major UK cities is truly alarming and far more of a threat to our great nation than Britain First as you suggest.

    Wake-up and smell the coffee sparky. 2001 census our capital City was 58% white british. 10 years later in 2011 45% are now a minority. You do the maths of the trend. I rest the case of my previous missive in that we are now a community of communities rather than a nation. With our Empire consisting of constituents with different beliefs, values, religions, culture and heritage. Your tolerant, invite all view point is destroying the unity of our nation and likely to leave a legacy in 50 years where Islam is the dominant religion and Shariah law rules supreme. I’m sure our kids will be proud while you stood by and let it happen knocking those that took a stand. To quote Einstein “the world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything”. Did you learn nothing from 9/11 ?

  13. Tim says:

    Just how nasty are Britain First ? More like just how nasty are the self serving, self-righteous morons that spout this bilge with their morale superiory ? Journalism ? With the lack of intelligent content, facts or logic I wouldn’t submit it in my kids school’s newsletter. Your so called degree education that you boast about was clearly wasted judging by the quality of your ramblings.

    As a country we withstand attacks from the Spanish Armada and the nazis in the Battle of Britain but now we face attack from the enemies within – multiculturalism & political correctness. More dangerously those that stand by and tolerate.

    There is a real fear and a clear and present danger of Islam in Britain. In a nation of 60m people why do we capitulate to 2m Muslims ? Hate speeches and violent rhetoric in mosques go unchallenged by British police. The radical imams promoting violence and bigotry. Britains commitment to ethnic diversity capitulates to the demands on 2m Muslims in a population on 60m, ridiculous. Honour violence is seemingly tolerated by British police to respect ethnic diversity. When will we as a nation stop bowing to Islam ? Branded racist for speaking out against radical Islamism ? We’re in denial as a national about jihadism. Whole sections of Britain are considered dangerous no go zones for non Muslims. We have a government so hampered by political correctness that they are unwilling to assert national views of tolerance, rule of law, human rights and women’s rights so we create an environment where extremists can flourish. We have a hornets nest of Islamic extremism right here, right now in our nation. We are now starting to discriminate against the 58m majority. Those that tolerate are taking us back to the Stone Age. Had anyone considered that many British Muslims came here to escape Sharia law ?

    Multiculturalism and political correctness has backfired badly as Islamists have not been assimilated into our society. Our democracy and civilisation has been seriously weakened. Enoch Powell was prophetic in his warnings in the 60’s but was pilloried and ridiculed by those such as yourself without vision and understanding of the consequences of our governments invite all liberal policies. Your collaborative stance and criticism for those that speak out, jumping to bandy words like racist is simply crass and quite frankly pathetic .

  14. Derick says:

    All be it what you believe. I believe this England of ours will be 80% Muslim in, at least 15 years, it must be if they continue to reproduce at the alarming rate they are reproducing now and we all know what that means, complete domination and war, Muslims would call it the holy way. every time a Muslim commits mass murder there outcry is ” God is great”. If that isn’t a misguided concept, what is.

    • janefae says:

      Not sure whether you are just being very silly or you have zero math. But really…think about it….To achieve 80% muslimity requires something like 160m muslim children to be born to the muslim families here already, whilst simultaneously no children born to the non-muslim peeps here already. That’s approx 10 children a year to every muslim woman for 15 years and while i’ll concede some may be a bit fanatic, basic biology makes this rather unlikely! 🙂


  15. Tim says:

    We have a group of people invading a country curtesy of an open door policy towards to immigration from muslim countries. The same immigrants that demand that the host country MUST change to meet their beliefs. We have another group that have their eyes open and can see the effects of this immigration has on their country and the negative attributes they bring. They stand up to voice an opinion about the land they were born in, changing right in front of their eyes. They beat their head against the walls trying to bring these changes to the attention of the general public, media and governments. Then we have group three. The group that is the majority in any country. Those that have their heads buried in a bucket of sand refusing to acknowledge there is a problem. Some of this third group listen to the biased media, biased government, biased left wing groups denouncing the problem as fiction and doesn’t exist. Well my friends, the problem was started by the government, covered up by the media and followed by people who are acting like sheep doing what they’re told.

    The economic madness of mass migration. The cheerleaders for mass immigration always cite economic benefits as the rationale to open our borders to all and sundry. The stark reality is that no such bonus exists. Evidence suggests that non EU nationals increase the public sector bill by £8.1M per day. Last time labour were in power we let in 7.5M immigrants without asking the electorate and guess what they all vote – labour. Yet we have 2.5M unemployed – explain that one. Couple that with Half of all social housing tenancies in London are held by foreign born tenants. That’s why they are called the looney left.

    We spend too much time protecting the culture of those that have joined our country. And far too little time protecting the culture of the country that they have chosen to join. Too many Britons are being disenfranchised of our culture. If the Muslim population came out against ISIS, hate preachers, Lee Rigby’s killers, terrorist attacks, radicals, jihadists, pedophile gangs, honour killings and showed more integration into our culture and society we would not feel as if we were being attacked by the enemy within. So I’m assuming you want to be buried chest deep and stoned for adultery, gang raped or beheaded ?

    Evil prevails when good men do nothing.

  16. John tucker says:

    The above trash written against British First is typical tripe you would except from idiots that are wanting Britian turned into Britistan and removing all things British. Enoch Powell – Rivers of blood speech says it all and a pity he was not still in government.

  17. Tim says:

    With the Calais immigration crisis now reach epidemic proportions, effecting business in the South East and a government that is clueless as to how to address the issue can you not see my point.

    The truth is that, if we let everyone in who wanted to come, we would destroy the prosperity and order which bring them here in the first place. It is neither callous nor bigoted to wonder why, if these newcomers are refugees, they did not seek asylum in the other free countries they crossed on the way here.

    Your free for all, come here, embrace multicultural view is lacking credibility and a sense of the reality currently. You prefer to pillory organisations / activists who care passionately about the issue and do something, with your poisoned pen than actually acknowledge the issue. The looney left gets loonier by the day and political correctness is a flawed school of thought. Carry on crying wolf over racism rather than national pride and patriotism and see our country descend into a third world country before your eyes. I’m sure our grandchildren will thank you for your liberal invite all views.

    • janefae says:

      asylum applications currently running at c. 25k…up 5% on last year. Hardly an epidemic, either in terms of increase or in terms of absolute amount…espesh as the peak for asylum applications was over three times that number a decade or so back..

      Bottom line: if you actually cared about the issue you would have informed yourself about the numbers involved. You haven’t: you don’t actually care about the issue. You merely like to find scapegoats for your own lack of humanity.

  18. Tim says:

    I doubt many of the migrants camped in Calais and causing havoc have formerly applied until they actually get here illegally. Prime Minsters words not mine “a swarm”. Living in the Sourh East, have you seen the problems it is causing to local residents and businesses in the Kent on the M20 ? I refer back to my previous statistic in 2013 we had more immigration than between 1066 and 1960 so 5% up on last year is hardly in context with the bigger picture of the issue identified. Read my previous threads I think you will find I have quoted enough relevant and accurate statistics to support my school of thought. The one standout statistic is that our capital City (London) has an indigenous minority of 46% of it’s population. Name another Capital city in the world that has less than a half proportion of indigenous population, I suspect you will struggle.

    You get on your high horse again about humanity but I go back to my point which you clearly missed or choose to ignore that if they were true hardship refugees why did they not seek asylum in the other free countries they crossed to get to Great Britain ? Because they want to come void of skills or profession , not speaking our language and receive the luxurious benefits that we offer to encourage even more to come.

    The only scapegoat is our government. Which party had the biggest rise in votes in the general election and why would that be ? 4M votes and 1 seat in parliament what a pathetically flawed and unjust society we live in . 15% of the population who exercise their demographic right to vote get less than 1% representation in the running of our country. That’s about on par in terms of equality as women not getting the vote. Yet 1.5M voters in Scotland get 23 seats. Sums up the total lack of trust & respect many are having in the current regime or for that matter the previous regime hence why UKIP are the fastest growing party and I predict will start taking seats in the next election, Funnily enough the start of your thread was attacking the political party with most on-line support, Britain First. Ever asked yourself why that would be. I rest my case together with my previous submissions that I would suggest carry far more valid points, logical thought, reasoned argument in the debate than those who have submitted counterclaims,

  19. Tim says:

    To pass through a number of “safe countries” to get to Calais and risk life & limb to illegally enter the UK I think makes them luxury seekers rather than asylum seekers – I think you have a fundamental misconception of the reality of the situation. If they were fleeing their home country because of persecution & danger they would be grateful to settle anywhere safe but they are hellbent on travelling to the UK. Why would that be ? Could it possibly be because we encourage them here through our over generous for all benefits system. Charity begins at home and why should the British taxpayer be fleeced to fund this madness ? That’s why UKIP are the fastest growing political party as there is a growing feeling of unhappiness from the indeginous population in this country. Loonies that fail to comprehend the reality of the problem have totally lost perspective of the problem. I challenge you to explain why “real” asylum seekers should not be expected to settle in safe countries that they travel through to get here.

  20. Tim says:

    Couldn’t help thinking of Jane’s illinformed commentary questioning my understanding of statistics on the 2nd August (above) when I read this article by the BBC today :-

    Net migration to the UK is at an all-time high, reaching 330,000 in the year to March, the Office for National Statistics has said.
    The figure – the difference between the number entering the country and those leaving – is more than three times higher than the government’s target.
    In 2014, 13% of people living in the UK had been born abroad, taking the foreign-born population to 8.3 million.
    Immigration Minister James Brokenshire called the rise “deeply disappointing”.
    UKIP leader Nigel Farage said: “These figures reflect ‘Borderless Britain’ and total impotence of the British government.”
    UK migration figures
    Net migration to UK, in year ending March 2015
    Increase since March 2014

    Big difference between 5% and 28% Jane or maybe maths wasn’t one of your strong subjects at school ? Wake-up and smell the coffee love,

    It reflects the true reality of the situation in our country and the total lack of a grasp on reality of those with “Ostrich syndrome” who try to falsely justify and claim that there isn’t a problem. Extract your heads out of your backsides and start to understand that Enoch was in fact right ! The prosecution rests ….

    • janefae says:

      Very little to do with math: just basic English. I quoted a source talking about asylum applications. You are quoting latest figures on net migration figures.

      These are quite different words. Asylum. Net migration. See? They don’t even start with the same letter.

      So if you wish to argue figures, please compare like with like. But i doubt you really care much about figures.

      And for the record, or whatever you want to make it, this blog is now more or less at a close. If you wish to continue being outraged by a view that suggests all people are equal, and all human beings deserve equal consideration, you can catch me now on faerising.wordpress.com

      Though i suspect you won’t like the latest post.

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