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On Vladimir Putin’s sexuality – and what Jack Straw didn’t say

A cause of some jollity, of late, has been the ooo-so-risqué speculation about Mr Putin’s sexuality. A random tweet, yesterday, of the image of “my little Putin” – the manly Vladimir himself astride the rainbow pony – went viral pretty … Continue reading

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NatWest: the bank that likes to say no (update)

So a matter of hours and a swift volte face by NatWest. “Internal communications error”, , …”central process” …”not fully understood”…etc. I sort of expected that. Its what all big corporates do when caught with their trousers down!

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Its official: NatWest now censors academic work

I am, i guess, still in something of a state of shock. But then, its not everyday that one gets turned down by a bank – nor, in the process, made to feel like some sort of petty criminal. But … Continue reading

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