The price of hatred?

Here are two stories that popped up on the internet tonight. There is no way of telling whether they are linked at all.

The two events could, after all, be no more than coincidence. Still, in these fractious post-Paris days, making incendiary posts about non-existent bans probably do little to help.

Here, first, is a story from EDL News – the site that keeps an eye on what the far right are up to, as opposed to supporting the far right. It tells how an individual who they describe as a Britain First supporter is spreading the story that Tesco has refused to serve a British soldier in uniform, for fear that might offend muslims.

Here is that post, copied from their Facebook page:

tesco muslim pic

Note the number of shares: well over 3,000 since it went up yesterday evening.

And now check out this story from the Mirror Online, that went up earlier this evening: it tells how a man, wielding a large knife, chased another (Asian) man across the aisles of Tesco in Mold, North Wales, while simultaneously shouting “white power”.

As i said at the outset, no reason whatsoever to assume these two stories are related. Though it does seem to me that in such days as we are currently living through, on learning of the second story, i would hope that the individual featured in the first might now feel inclined to take down their seriously inflammatory post.

Many thanks to A for drawing my attention to this.

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1 Response to The price of hatred?

  1. spirifer says:

    Apparently the Daily Mail had a story today that writers for books read at school should refrain from referring to pigs or sausages, to avoid giving offence to Muslims and Jews.

    Gosh. Sounds absolutely plausible. Just like those stories about nativity plays and saying “Happy Christmas” being banned…

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