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WTF! “Respectable smut” and dangerous sexism

There is a story over on the Independent right now that stopped me in my tracks. Because unless the Independent have been incredibly clever about mocking up the picture used to illustrate it, they have just gone and committed a … Continue reading

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The Mail does it again….

Amazing, isn’t it? Some good news for the Goth community – reported as such by almost every news outlet in the country. And only the Daily Mail can slur that into a veiled attack on the trans community.

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Answer questions? Oh my, no: we’re the Press!!!

This is by far the harder of today‚Äôs two planned posts: harder to write and harder because, for reasons that will become apparent, I have passed it across the desk of a media lawyer who knows about this sort of … Continue reading

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What’s it all about?

Some days have now passed since the sad death of Lucy Meadows was reported to an unsuspecting world. The storm that followed has, i believe, genuinely taken many in the press and media by surprise. But it is important not … Continue reading

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The end of a free press…

The penny dropped today – and not in a good way. For on this day when mostly i was writing about and thinking about the death of a brave young woman named Lucy Meadows, the realisation came in respect of … Continue reading

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